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Falk newsletter - Happy New Year!

Last day of this year!  

About one year ago we started the Falk story and a lot has happened through out the year. In the beginning of this year we hade some delay with our tailor-made mold due to the Covid-19 virus, but since we got our mold, we have made great progress and now we are about to get started for real!

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Falk newsletter November

Check out our new video!

It´s been a while, but not worries – we have been working hard with our project and haven´t been able to keep you updated like before.

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Falk newsletter July

Last week we finally got our new mold!

Now we´re back at it and can continuing the testing. It is very promising and our first try was just what we were expecting, and it gave us a very light stick.
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Falk newsletter June

Some weeks ago, we ran into our first problem with our production. Earlier this spring we ordered a tailor-made mold for Falk. The first issue was delay due to the situation with Covid-19. When we finally got working the mold had a defect.
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