Falk newsletter february 2020

Welcome to our first newsletter. We are very pleased that you want to be a part of our journey. About one year ago we started the company. We started with the vision to create the lightest and the best hockey stick in the world. A lot has happened since then, but we are still on the right path.

By today we have tested many different recipes in our sticks. Our choice of layup and our choice of production process will be different from what our competitors are using. The Falk stick is a real one-piece stick made in one shot. We are very satisfied with the results so far and we will continue the development. We are looking for perfection in terms of quality and durability.

We are aiming to do our official release of the first sticks in the fall of 2020. However, before that we will hopefully have test sticks that we can ship. We will keep all of you up to date with our progress and we would like nothing more than to have you as one of our first official customer.


Filip & Andreas

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