Falk newsletter march 2020

Welcome to our newsletter number two. For those of you who have recently signed up let me give you a short recap of what has happened. Our aim is to create the lightest and the best hockey stick in the world.
We have been doing a lot of testing with different materials, both computer simulations and real-life testing. As you can see in the pictures.

A lot of sticks have already been tested and we are very happy with where we are at the moment.

The prototyping stage is soon over. What we are doing right now is that we are waiting for new equipment to arrive so that we can take the following step in our production. When this arrives, we can take the sticks to market.

First, we will have selected players and teams where we will present our sticks for testing. If you would like to be part of our test pool you should let us now. Some of you have already informed us that you want to test our sticks. For those who have not it is not too late. Let us know and you will be the among the first in line to get a Falk in your hands.

Also, the Falk factory is taking shape in a secret location in Finland. More will come on this.


Filip & Andreas

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