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Dear readers,

Hi everyone and welcome to our May newsletter. Spring has arrived in Finland and most people have a break from hockey. This year however was a little different due to the Covid-19 arriving and the summer break started faster than usual. Now we are all hoping that we can continue playing soon.

For Falk there is no time for a break. We are continuing our development of sticks. We want to provide hockey players all around the globe with the best possible tools so that every single player constantly can perform at their highest level. That is our mission. Our vision is to become one of the leading manufacturers of hockey sticks in terms of quality and performance.  

We are still on track to release our sticks in the fall of 2020. At first, we will not have all curves available. The first sticks will come with a curve, similar to P28, p28, W28 and TC4. The reason why we are starting with this curve is that most players around the area where we are located are playing with this curve. It is very easy for us to find test players nearby. We will of course offer all the common curves eventually. We will be very flexible so we can even provide custom curves to a reasonable price. All we will need is a blade to be sent to us so that we can make a copy.

The first batch of sticks that we are producing will have flex 65 and lie 5. In the beginning we will provide sticks with a flex ranging from 65 – 95. Eventually we will also offer sticks with a lower flex than 65 and a higher flex than 95. But this is the way we will start.  

Right now, it looks like we will be able to send the first test sticks in July. We promise to keep you all up to date!

Kind regards,

Filip & Andreas

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