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It´s been a while, but not worries – we have been working hard with our project and haven´t been able to keep you updated like before.

Check out our new video!

Since last you heard from us, we have produced about 40 sticks and we are getting very close. Making a hockey stick is challenging and it is even more of a challenge to make the best stick in the world. We have done some mistakes, but we must learn from everything and we are having a very good follow-up on what we are doing so we can improve our processes. So far, the process has been “two steps forward, one step back”. We are still very optimistic about the Falk future and we will keep pushing hard do make it possible for you to one day have a Falk stick in your hand!

A couple of weeks ago, we came up with a new innovative change in our process and the result was a breakthrough. We gave our players several sticks to be tested and the feedback was over our expectations. Most of the players told us that we are already at the same level as the big manufactures on the market. That´s amazing in our opinion, because like we said, building a very good hockey stick isn´t that simple. Theoretically we could launch our stick now and start produce hundreds of Falk sticks every week. But we will not do that quite yet. The reason is that we have proved to ourselves that our innovative process is working, and we can still want to improve the sticks before it is time to launch the Falk.

In the last couple of months, we have getting help from an old friend of ours with building and developing the Falk stick. I guess we don´t have to say that he played with us since the junior ages. Thank you Dea for helping us out!

The next step is to make some small adjustments in the stick and getting more sticks to our test players.

When we launched our project, we were forecasting that we will have a stick on the market this season. This was a very optimistic forecast, but it is still possible to get our sticks ready before the end of this season.

Hope you keep following us and spreading the word of Falk!

Stay safe!

Andreas and Filip

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