Falk newsletter april 2020

Most of you are probably within four walls right now and realizing ice hockey isn´t the most important thing as the coronavirus is spreading fear throughout the world. However, I bet many of you are missing hockey and so are we. In this newsletter we thought it might be interesting for you to now a little bit more about the story behind Falk.

The really beginning started about 25 years ago when we (Filip & Andreas) met through minor hockey and became friends. We played together throughout minors and have been friends ever since. Besides hockey we also have business in common and have been thinking about business ideas for the last decade.

Combination of our hockey background and the passion for business led to hockey sticks. The last two years we have been planning how to build the best hockey stick in the world. When we officially started our company, about one year ago, we didn´t have a brand. After several months of thinking about different names we ended up with Falk Hockey. Falk is the Swedish word for the falcon bird. We used the combination of our first letters in our names (Filip Lund & Andreas Kjellman).

Luckily Corona is not really affecting us, sure we have some slowdown in getting the materials and supplies we need, but no major setback has occurred. Along with the next newsletter showing up in May, we hope that we can give you some insight into the Falk factory and maybe also some pictures.

Keep calm and stay safe hockey friends!

Kind regards,

Filip & Andreas

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